Asfalys values were not found in a book on management or marketing. Instead, Asfalys employees decided to sit together, to identify and define the values they share. More than just words, we would like to give you a concrete idea of the values that unite us.
It is important indeed to mention that, as from the recruitment process and when starting working at Asfalys, consultants confirm they adhere to our values and commit to follow them throughout their career at Asfalys, in particular when they are in contact with clients.  These values have inspired an ethical chart that every Asfalys employee signs.

These values are so important to us that we would like to share them with you. We also welcome any feedback from you on how respectful to these values we have been when interacting with you.

Our values


Humans are at the heart of Asfalys and we define active listening as the fact to not only listen to and accept the others for who they are with their differences, but also to ensure we understand each other.

Our diversity is a plus. By hearing and paying attention to each other, we contribute to a genuine integration, therefore enabling an efficient collaboration.


Our word is straight, we privilege ‘open book’ conversations rather than ‘hidden agendas’.

In our day to day contacts, we promote transparency. At the same time, the accessibility and openness of Asfalys management is appreciated both by collaborators and customers.


At Asfalys, we believe active listening and truth telling are the basis to build sustainable partnerships.

Our goal is to be trustable partners to our customers and collaborators and this constantly requires commitment and integrity from us.

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