MyABCM solution is an integrated package, intuitively managing Activity Based Costing and helping companies to manage their costs, to assign these costs to the right internal or external target and to understand to the smallest details all present and future investment impacts, without any development, simply via effective dashboarding. Asfalys has the exclusivity to distribute MyABCM and proposes professional services to implement the solution in Belgium and Luxemburg.

MyABCM – Cost and Profit Management Software
Easy to use, flexible and quick to install.

Companies undoubtedly know how much the total costs are, the total revenue and total profit, but do they know their best and worst product, service, customer or channel is in terms of profitability?

Cost management opens up a whole universe within any company. The ability to identify precisely the destination of resources and make strategic decisions is a factor that is decisive in achieving success. With efficient cost management, you can easily find weak points and improve them.
MyABCM unveils the costs of each activity, product or customer. Collecting, modeling, analyzing and simulating; MyABCM offers tailor-made solutions for managing costs and profitability, and for controlling expenses.

MyABCm helps companies take the first steps to integrate the solution with existing systems, generate advanced reports and analysis and prepare companies to easily perform complex business simulations. Even in complex cost model environments, with full autonomy. MyABCM is a user-friendly tool, flexible and quick to install.
Established worldwide, MyABCM is present in 12 countries on five continents. In France, Europe and all Francophone countries, MyABCM is distributed exclusively by ABCosting France. Asfalys is the exclusive partner of ABCosting France for the distribution and implementation of the MyABCM solution in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • Trace costs (that are not always visible): from a final Product or Service, trace back all the direct and indirect costs that have been assigned to it from various accounts; on the other side, determine the impact of providing these Products or Services to different Clients/distribution channels knowing the exact cost of these products or services.
  • Re-invoice to internal or external customers knowing all the costs components of the Products or Services (invoice easy to explain)
    Make simulations easily about the future
  • Spend less timecollecting information and making calculations on spreadsheets and more making strategic decisions. Conduct advanced analyses and simulations and identify bottlenecks.
  • Make accurate and well-informed business decisionsbased on exhaustive cost components set
  • Easy to install and to customize(step by step implementation) with quick wins.
  • Recognized by its customers as the fastest solutionon the market to implement

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